Flexible Bushing Boot

The Flexible insulating boot is cold applied boot to provide increased insulation between phase to phase and phase to ground for medium voltage switchgear and transformer cable boxes where the air clearances are not sufficient for normal operation and to prevent electrical flashover due to high humidity or rodents. The boots are manufactured from a highly insulating and anti-tracking silicone rubber-based material with excellent insulation properties and weathering properties for a durable long life installation. The boot allows fitting overstandard heat shrink or cold applied terminations. The boots are installed easily without a special tool.

  • Kits designed to cover a wide range of cable sizes. 35 sq.mm – 400 sq.mm
  • Flexible Structure covers right-angled or straight installation in a single design
  • Suits bushing diameter Range from 46mm – 70mm.
  • Special Collar applied suit for smaller bushing diameter 31mm – 45mm.
  • Removable &Reinstallable for convenient maintenance.

Ordering Reference Maximum Voltage Bushing Diameter Cable Range
SIBB 01 17.5 31 - 45 35-400
SIBB 02 17.5 46 - 70 35-400
24 35-300

The minimum clearances with the boots for required voltage levels.

Voltage level Uo/U
U(max) kV
(7.2) kV
(12) kV
(17.5) kV
mm mm mm mm
Minimum Clearance Phase to Phase 75 100 100 100
Minimum Clearance Phase to Earth 45 60 75 75
Minimum Clearance Between two Boots 12 12 12 12