Un-screened Silicone Bushing Boot

Unscreened Separable Connector is a right-angled adapter designed to fit over standard MV Cable Terminations when used with equipment bushings to Type C according to EN 50180 and EN 50181. The body and termination are not screened and therefore during operation the surfaces will be considered live and must not be touched.

The boots are manufactured from a highly insulating and anti-tracking silicone rubber-based material with excellent insulation properties and weathering properties for a durable long-life installation. The boot allows fitting over standard heat shrink or cold applied terminations. The pre-molded shape ensures full contact over the Type C bushing, thus improving its ability to eliminate unwanted leakage currents.

  • Removable & Re-installable for convenient maintenance.
  • No specialized tool required.
  • Compact profile provides for greater air clearance.
  • Suitable to be used for all indoor terminations.
  • Non tracking elastomeric housing offers excellent erosion resistance, dielectric properties & environmental properties.