Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeve (Repair Sleeve)

Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeve is a cross linked polyolefin 'tube' which is folded around the cable/pipe, zipped up with a stainless steel channel and then heat shrunk. It is also called as (Cable Repair Sleeve). Shut down of system not required for repair. Hot melt adhesive provides complete environmental sealing and insulation. High resistance to UV rays, chemicals, corrosion, fungus, etc.

Technical Data

Sr. No. Properties Value Standard
1 Tensile Strength 15 N/mm² (MPA)(min.) ASTM D 412-06a
2 Ultimate Elongation 400% (Min.) ASTM D 412-06a
3 Water Absorption 0.2 % (max.) ASTM D570
4 Accelerated Ageing for 120°Cfor 168 Hrs
a. Tensile Strength 12 N/mm2 (Mpa) (min.) ESI 09-13
b. Ultimate Elongation 300 % (Min.) ESI 09-13
5 Dielectric Strength 11 KV/mm. (Min.) ASTM D149
6 Flammability Pass UL-94 (V-1)