Heat Shrinkable Thin Wall Sleeves And Tubes

Thin Wall Bus-Bar Heat Shrink Tubes are manufactured from high quality radiation cross-linked Polymer based material. Thin wall Tubing is flame retardant and RoHS compliant. It’s extremely flexible with low shrinkage temperature. Thin Wall heat shrink tubing’s typical applications include: Insulation to Bus bar, Wire Identification, Wire Bundling, Mechanical Protection, Lightweight Harnessing, and Physical/Electrical Protection of Components.

Technical Data

Sr. No. Properties Value Standard
1 Tensile Strength 8 N/mm² (MPA)(Min.) ASTM D 412-06a
2 Ultimate Elongation 150% (Min.) ASTM D 412-06a
3 Water Absorption 0.5 % (max.) ASTM D570
4 Heat Shock (130oC for 30 Mins.) No Cracking or flowing ESI 09-11
5 Shrink Temperature 90°C IEC 216
6 Continuous Temperature limit -40°C to + 110°C IEC 216
7 Dielectric Strength 600V - 12kV ASTM D149
8 Volume Resistivity 1X1015 Ohm.cm ASTM D257
9 Flammability Pass UL-94 (V-0)